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So, we produce videos...

...but more importantly than what we do, is what you want, and how you use them to get the real value out of what you spend.

You see, creating videos and other media content for your website, or social media campaigns is all well and good, but it's how they are used as part of your overall strategy that has the biggest impact on your business.


The whole point of what we do, is to help you stand out from the background noise, to get you noticed, help you connect with the right audience that leads to sales and feeling of control.



You might be thinking about.

Videos showing real customer testimonials, talking about their experience in an informal and relaxed way,  or interviews with key people in your business, sharing stories about what they do, things they are working on or something more personal about their hobbies and social life.


What about showcasing your business with a behind-the-scenes video that demonstrates some of the uniqueness that you offer over your competition, or maybe you have a new product range that you want to highlight and showcase.

Or what about using some drone footage to show your business location, the surrounding countryside or key landmarks, which is more impressive and helpful than just a few photos and a map on the contact page.

Maybe you have an event that's coming up that you may like to have covered, perhaps an award ceremony, a black-tie event or even a golf day clients and members of your team are taking part in, or you have been thinking about creating a series of video tutorials to train staff with, or perhaps even sell creating an additional income stream.


Pre-Production is key...


One of the biggest problems that all video producers face, are clients that are not sure what they want, but find it much easier to point out the things they don't like, once production is has finished.

This can be very costly in additional editing charges and can push the budget up, and extend the deadlines, beyond what was originally planned.

To avoid this from happening the pre-production stage is key. Sitting down and working out what the video is for, and how the video will be used helps us to create everything we need to produce a much more accurate schedule, and budget estimate based on the project needs.

More specifically, we can generate a shot-list and a script from which everybody will use in the production. What camera angles will be used, if multiple cameras are required, lens choices and other equipment like audio and lighting, props and location usage all need to be planned out beforehand. We also establish the overall look and feel using reference videos and other elements that best communicates what you are wanting to say, the energy and pace you want, which relates closely to your target audience. All of this we take care of for you by
askingquestions, and making creative suggestions to walk you through this process to better understand your vision and project purpose.