This shot was taken at night in December, for a couple that has just got engaged.

I placed one mobile flash unit behind the couple on a stand. Another flash I asked them to hold into the umbrella so I couldn't see it.

Setting the camera on a timer I had to start the shot, dash over to a garden hose with a touch in my mouth to see where I was going to then spray water just behind the couple in time that when the flash went off I had this image of a million fireflies and this stunning silhouette.


Suzanna Lewis Profile.png


I cannot thank Mark enough for creating such magical memories for my daughter.... (and me!) from the off Mark made everything very relaxed, fun and most importantly exciting for a 7 year-old !!

Samantha Ashcroft Profile.png


What can I say!! A truely amazing experience for my 6 year old. From start to finish Mark was amazing and the set and props were 5* Would definitely recommend

Simon Egan Profile.png


Beautiful wedding photos and superb picture of our kids. Plus great behind the scenes photos of John Cleese from my latest feature film. Can not recommend Mark highly enough.